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As an endorsed Program by both the Pennsylvania Municipal Authorities Association (PMAA) and the Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors (PSATS), the PennBid Program shares many values and interests with these associations. Of these interests, providing Municipalities and Municipal Authorities with timely and relevant educational information is one of the most salient.

PennBid is proud to regularly feature content in various magazines and media outlets, including: The Authority (PMAA’s publication) and Township News (PSATS’s Publication). We greatly appreciate this opportunity, and wish to utilize our presence in a manner that benefits the Associations, their Members, Affiliate Members, and PennBid.

Our vision is to leverage PennBid’s subject-matter expertise as a lead with preparing articles (singular or multiple topics) that touch on a wide variety of issues related to the broader topic of Procurement. From legal and professional issues, to purchasing tips and Best Practices, there are numerous opportunities to help educate readers about methods, tools, options, and alternatives that promote cost savings and other efficiencies.

Procurement Risk Management

December 5, 2018

When your township goes out to bid for a new piece of equipment, document management software, or a paving project, does it have all its ducks in a row? Have MORE >

How to Bid

June 4, 2018

When soliciting bids for various purchases, including asphalt and road equipment, townships have a variety of tools at their fingertips. From requests for proposals to invitations to bid, townships should MORE >

To Bid and How To Bid

May 4, 2018

Authorities routinely purchase products and services from a wide variety of vendors and suppliers. This ranges from professional services such as engineering and auditing, to equipment, consumables, and construction. In general, MORE >

Emergency Bidding in the Public Sphere

March 12, 2018

What are the rules for emergency contracting in the public arena? Are bids required? How about public notice? Can an authority award a contract to a vendor of their choice MORE >

Examining Public Contracts

October 20, 2017

In this edition of the Procurement Corner, attorney Scott Wyland provides perspective on the myriad of procurement codes within the Commonwealth. Mr. Wyland’s insight sets the stage for an upcoming MORE >