provided at absolutely no cost
to public agencies and private firms

Posting Agencies & Design Firms

Value Delivered

PennBid dramatically lowers the overall cost of bids and contracts by removing waste, streamlining communications, attracting large, qualified vendor pools and receiving aggressive pricing through the use of technology. Provided at absolutely no cost to public agencies and design firms, PennBid has opened doors for many to take advantage of electronic procurement tools generally not available due to high cost and system complexity.

Experience and Leadership

With more than 1,000 posting agencies and 24,000 vendor companies using PennBid, our technology engine has successfully managed over $10 billion in sealed bid solicitations and is a proven and recognized leader in e-procurement and electronic bid management. This experience is a testimonial for the system’s robustness and ease of use.

Independence – Security – Transparency – Confidentiality

Each public agency and private firm maintains full independence and control over all aspects of each solicitation, from vendor qualification to award decisions. PennBid operates completely through a secure pass-code protected sealed bid platform. Confidentiality of each solicitation, along with detailed record logs, are retained to provide transparency and auditability that is demanded for public solicitations.

Straightforward – No Strings Attached

Public agencies, private firms, and vendors can all enjoy the time and cost saving benefits the PennBid Program offers without initial or recurring costs or any subscription fees. A nominal 1/6% – 1/3% capped fee (+ tax) is assessed only to vendors who are issued awards. That’s it, no strings attached.

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