provided at absolutely no cost
to public agencies and private firms

PennBid’s DBE Notification & Reporting Service (Available only in PA)

A number of funding sources (grants, loans, etc.) require notification of Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs) as part of the bidding process. Among others, “DBEs” are comprised of “MBEs” and “WBEs.” This process can be cumbersome, time consuming, and requires accuracy and extensive documentation.

The PennBid Program completes required DBE notifications for many engineering firms and public agencies and provides a final report that can be sent to the funding agency at no cost. Currently, this service is only available in Pennsylvania.


  • The PennBid staff works with firms to develop a list of suggested search codes based on the type of project.  Searches are generally state-wide unless otherwise directed.  Once codes are approved and a copy of the public notice is provided, our office begins the DBE process.
  • We conduct a search through a number of databases and produce dated, hard copy documentation.  Following Bid Opening, these hard copies are sent to you.
  • We load advertisement content and vendor records into our notification software.


  • The first Notification is prepared and sent on the first day of public advertisement.
  • Following the first Notification, we contact companies who had inaccurate data within the DGS database, correct and update their information (email address, phone number, etc.), and re-send the first notice.
  • The second Notice is usually sent three business days following the first notification.

Note: Most funding sources require two notifications; however, some require three and our office meets these guidelines by sending a third Notification three business days after the second notice.


On the day of Bid Opening, you will receive a detailed report that can be provided to the funding agency.  The report will contain several items, including:

  • Codes Searched
  • Time and date of Notifications
  • Summary of Notification Results (% and number of DBE firms who took action based on each Notification)
  • Copy of notification messages
  • Listing of each company (date and time stamped) who responded to Notifications
  • Copies of all search results (including non-Pa vendors)