provided at absolutely no cost
to public agencies and private firms


Herbert, Rowland, & Grubic, Inc.

Very smooth.  I keep thinking I must surely be forgetting something, though, because of the absence of contractor & vendor calls, no project log to update, bid form math to tabulate, etc. etc……very great!!

Debra L. Rarig

LBR Engineering

Absolutely saves engineers time and our clients’ money. Fantastic Program. THANKS!

Robert Finch, P.E.

Tinicum Township

Just wanted to say that I am very impressed with the capabilities of PennBid.  We’ve had an amazing response.  My sincere thanks.

Linda McNeill


PennBid is a win-win for all parties, saving us and our clients time and money.

Yves E. Pollart, PE, BCEE
Vice President

Pennoni Associates

We efficiently distributed documents electronically, easily responded to questions, and managed addenda. . . We look forward to introducing the Program to other clients.

Jerome Loftus, P.E.

Lower Southampton Township

. . . immense savings usually incurred by this onerous process. PennBid is a “God-send” to local government

Ted Taylor

Reading Area Community College

The work is done in a matter of minutes instead of days. All I can say is THANK YOU!

Michael Hodowanec
Purchasing Manager

Muhlenberg Township

PennBid is the future … No Doubt

Neal McNutt

BCM Engineering

PennBid saves time, money, aggravation, gray hair, and trees. Any public agency that bids projects the “old” way does not know what they are missing.

George Keyser
Sr. Design Specialist

Andersen Engineering

PennBid is saving us, our bidders, and most importantly, our clients a great deal of time and money.

Joan Cahill

T&M Associates

Using PennBid allows T&M and our clients to save precious time and money. When coupled with its ability to streamline communications, stabile platform, and ease of use, PennBid is a real “win-win” for everyone.

Russell Benner, P.E.
Vice President, Division Manager

McCormick Taylor, Inc.

Just a quick note to let you know how pleased we are with PennBid.  It simplifies and expedites the bidding process, and aggravation with answering bidders’ questions and issuing addenda is greatly reduced.  Our clients love PennBid because it does save them money.  Thanks for providing such a great Program.

Robert Pingar, P.E.

Herbert, Rowland, & Grubic, Inc

HRG has been using PennBid since 2011. The Program has significantly reduced the efforts required during the bidding process, promoting more competitive bids and ultimately cost savings to our clients.

Edward Ellinger, P.E.
Director of Water & Wastewater Services


PennBid streamlines the bidding process for our municipal and authority clients’ capital projects. The system allows us to provide timely and effective communications to clients and bidders through simultaneous project notifications, helping us delivery efficient service and better manage the bidding process.

Mark Lauriello

Carroll Engineering Services

Carroll Engineering Corporation (CEC) has been utilizing PennBid since 2010, and has been well received by our clients. PennBid represented a major improvement to the bidding landscape by increasing project awareness and by facilitating communications during the bid process.

Allen B. Mason, P.E.
Senior Vice President