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Over 25 Colleges & Universities Save Time & Money With PennBid

Colleges and Universities are always impressive to visit – but often have limited resources to maintain their infrastructure in a cost-effective manner. PennBid’s powerful system streamlines the bid management process for all types of solicitations – from construction and maintenance, to food services and janitorial. With PennBid, you reach more qualified bidders, save time and money in every aspect of the bid management, and promote compliance and transparency throughout your bidding process.

Forget subscription-based services or developing your own system. With a unique business model developed through a public-private collaboration, PennBid is provided to all agencies posting and managing bids at NO COST whatsoever.

Trusted by the Industry

Used by over 1,550 public agencies and 350 design firms, including 25 colleges and universities, PennBid has become the regions leader in online bid management. This experience benefits your organizations not only through our industry best sealed-bid platform, but also from the real-world experience of our Team and dedication to customer service. We have become a trusted partner, routinely provide guidance and assistance on best practices and other procurement-related issues.

Colleges Reach More Qualified Bidders

Over 36,000 bidder / vendor companies have come to rely on PennBid as a source for college and university RFPs, RFQs, and quotes. By eliminating the cost of participation, PennBid lets bidders pursue more opportunities while promoting greater competition, inclusion, and better pricing.

Spend Less Time on Bid Management

On average, PennBid reduces the time and energy associated with bid management by 80%. Our intuitive platform allows even first-time users to effectively manage their solicitations with minimal effort. And if needed, PennBid has tons of resources to assist, including unlimited, free live support.

Eliminate Bidding Paperwork

Printing & delivery of paper bids is both wasteful and error prone. With PennBid, you can customize electronic bid forms to fit your project/organizations’ needs. Changes can be made any time with just a few mouse clicks, allowing bidders to easily address last-minute items. For colleges, this means instantly retrievable bids, automated bid tabulations, with submitted data easily analyzed/exported.

Powerful Bid Review, Analytic & Reporting Tools

Imagine opening your bids and instantly having automatic tabulations of results. PennBid’s enhanced analytic tools and customizable reports allow you to quickly compare and evaluate bid submissions and many other performance metrics.

Receive More Accurate Bids

PennBid puts powerful tools at your fingertips to ensure bidders adhere to key elements of the bidding process. This includes all required pricing information, along with documents to be included with submission. No more incomplete bids! Further, PennBid tracks all actions creating an auditable log of your entire bidding process.

We efficiently distributed documents electronically, easily responded to questions, and managed addenda. We look forward to introducing the Program to other clients.
– Pennoni Associates
PennBid is saving us, our bidders, and most importantly, our clients a great deal of time and money.
– Andersen Engineering
From an owner’s perspective, PennBid adds immense value: Speed, security of bids or proposals, immediate notifications or addenda, complex project awarding – all done with just a couple mouse clicks. You guys have literally thought of everything!
– City of Williamsport
Carroll Engineering Corporation (CEC) has been utilizing PennBid since 2010 and has been well received by our clients. PennBid represented a major improvement to the bidding landscape by increasing project awareness and by facilitating communications during the bid process.
– Carroll Engineering Corp.
PennBid streamlines the bidding process for our clients’ capital projects allowing us to provide timely communications to clients & bidders through simultaneous notifications, helping us deliver efficient service to better manage the bidding process.
Thank you for the little tweaks, fixes and add ons when I have a new item on PennBid! Much appreciated, and I notice them! It helps me remember to do them, next go-around.
– City of Williamsport
PennBid saves time, money, aggravation, gray hair, and trees. Any public agency that bids projects the “old” way does not know what they are missing.
– BCM Engineering
PennBid’ s customer service is astounding!
– City of Williamsport
As a somewhat technologically challenged person, I have been thrilled by the willingness of the PennBid staff to work with me, teach me (sometimes twice), humor me and eventually provide me with exactly what I wanted. They really do go above and beyond what could normally be expected, and I am very grateful for that!
– Lower Saucon Authority
The work is done in a matter of minutes instead of days. All I can say is THANK YOU!
– Reading Area Community College
Just wanted to say that I am very impressed with the capabilities of PennBid. We’ve had an amazing response. My sincere thanks.
– Tinicum Township
PennBid has streamlined the entire bidding process into a user-friendly platform with an unbelievable staff that are always willing to assist.
– KLH Engineers, Inc.
Very smooth. I keep thinking I must be forgetting something, because of the absence of contractor & vendor calls, no project log to update, bid form math to tabulate, etc. Very great!
– Herbert, Rowland, & Grubic, Inc.
PennBid makes bidding projects easy! Not only does it save time and money, but it also maximizes exposure to potential bidders and maintains records of all bid-related activity for you.
– Entech Engineering
PennBid simplifies & expedites the bidding process, and aggravation with answering bidders’ questions and issuing addenda is greatly reduced. Our clients love PennBid because it saves them money.
– McCormick Taylor, Inc.
Using PennBid allows T&M and our clients to save precious time and money. When coupled with its ability to streamline communications, stable platform, and ease of use, PennBid is a real “win-win” for everyone.
– T&M Associates
PennBid is a win-win for all parties, saving us and our clients time and money.
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