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PennBid Pointers – Keeping the PennBid Community Informed

PennBid Pointers is a monthly educational email containing helpful tips and information about the PennBid Program, procurement related issues and events. From new features and enhancements to lesser used capabilities that you might not use often or even be aware of, these short newsletters will help keep you using the program in the most efficient and effective manner.

You can download PDF versions of previous issues below.

January 2023

Save Time by Cloning Annual Solicitation Bids
Setting Due Dates – Timing Matters!

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December 2022

Avoid Deleting Bids
2023 Bidding Thresholds

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November 2022

Avoiding Holidays While Bidding
Cloning Bids for Annual Solicitations

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October 2022

PennBid QA Reviews
Awarding Your Projects in PennBid
Project Funding Opportunities

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September 2022

“HIDE”: When and When Not to Use
One-Step Vs. Two-Step Unsealing Explained
DBE Notification & Reporting Service

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August 2022

Awarding Your Projects in PennBid
Issuing Addenda
Answering Bidder Clarifications

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July 2022

Did You Know?
Updated PennBid Educational Website
Tiered User Groups and Permission Roles
Historical Unit Cost Feature

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June 2022

Did You Know?
Bid Events and Reminders
Bid Tabulations and Display Options
Report Customization and Exporting

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May 2022

Did You Know?
One-Bid & No-Bid Scenarios
“Reports” Feature
Multi-Prime Projects

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April 2022

Did You Know?
Private Bids
Document Upload Spots
Manually Populating Bidders Lists

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March 2022

Spend Your ARP Money Wisely Using PennBid
Don’t Forget Your County!
ALOM & PSATS Conferences

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February 2022

Best Practices for Answering Vendor Clarifications (Questions)
Supported Browsers for PennBid Bidding Website
How to Change Projects to Awarded Status

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December 2021

Scheduling around Holidays

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November 2021

Bid Forms
Moving Due Dates
Estimated Cost Feature

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October 2021

User Accounts
Vendor Accounts

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September 2021

PennBid 201 Workshops
Last Minute Addenda
Disaster Recovery Plans

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August 2021

Displaying Results
Custom Document Folders

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July 2021

Pre-Bid Meetings
Historic Unit Cost Feature
Private Projects

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June 2021

Training Resources
Cloning Bids in PennBid
System Enhancements

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May 2021

Awarding Bids
Answering Clarifications
No-Bid Scenarios

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April 2021

PennBid Service Areas
Multi-Prime Projects
MS-944 Forms & Road Projects

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