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PennBid & e-Procurement Related Articles

PennBid is proud to regularly feature content in various magazines and media outlets, including: The Authority (PMAA’s publication) and Township News (PSATS’s Publication). We greatly appreciate this opportunity, and wish to utilize our presence in a manner that benefits the Associations, their Members, Affiliate Members, and PennBid.

Our vision is to leverage PennBid’s subject-matter expertise as a lead with preparing articles (singular or multiple topics) that touch on a wide variety of issues related to the broader topic of Procurement. From legal and professional issues, to purchasing tips and Best Practices, there are numerous opportunities to help educate readers about methods, tools, options, and alternatives that promote cost savings and other efficiencies.

Emergency Bidding in the Public Domain

With harsh winter weather just around the corner, emergencies will likely be right behind the snow and ice. So what are the rules for emergency contracting in the public sector? Are bids required? How about public notice? And can an authority award a contract to…

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Procurement Risk Management

Exceeding Basic Compliance = Real Results Risk is defined as “the possibility that something unpleasant or unwelcome will happen” and also as “a situation involving exposure to danger.” At times, when authorities think of the risk associated with their purchasing process, they may believe that…

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The PennBid Program

Online Bid Management Made Easy Electronic bid management, e-procurement, online bidding, and e-purchasing. By now, you’ve likely heard one or more of these terms. Often used interchangeably, they refer to the process of conducting competitive bidding electronically, via the internet, instead of the traditional way…

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The Power of E-Procurement

A Guide to Saving Time and Money with Every Purchase. Townships that are still using manual procurement methods for all their purchasing may want to step out on a limb and try e-procurement. This electronic way of managing bids and other aspects of purchasing can…

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Procurement Best Practices – Part 1

Add value to your purchasing process by shedding the status quo. This article is the first in a series that will explore several topics related to the procurement process and offers some “Best Practices” geared towards maximizing the value of your time and resources. The…

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Procurement Best Practices – Part 2

Maximizing the value of your time and resources. In this second installment in our series focusing on “Procurement Best Practices” we continue exploring various facets of the procurement process and how authorities and other public agencies, as well as their consultants, can adopt a renewed…

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Procurement Best Practices – Part 3

Add Value to Your Purchasing Process by Shedding the Status Quo. In this edition, we wrap up our series on “Procurement Best Practices - Part 3” by exploring a few more facets of the procurement process. Areas of opportunity for increased efficiency are highlighted, and…

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Comprehensive Cost Control – More Than Just a Project Budget

Owner & Stakeholder Responsibility Many authority leaders do not have a complete technical understanding of every aspect for every project - nor should they. In general, authority leaders can see the larger picture and balance the needs of competing demands. When referring to “projects,” it…

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1,001 Steps to Pain-Free Procurement

Procurement. Purchasing. Competitive Sealed Bidding. RFP’s, RFIs & RFQ’s. Public Solicitations. Quotes. Single or multi-prime contracts. Chances are, you’re familiar with these terms, and your reaction to them begins with a slight tingling at the base of your skull that slowly grows into a dull, throbbing head-spin as…

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