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Posting Agency Training Resources

This page contains a library of training resources covering topic-specific features and capabilities for Users/Posting Agencies utilizing the PennBid Program. Due to the extensive capabilities of the system, not all features or options are covered. For assistance, contact our office.

Public (Q&A) Questions And Answers From Bidders

The new Public (Q&A) Question and Answer feature is now available during the Open phase of a project. Department Users have the ability to publicly share vendor questions and the responses.

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Creating Project Templates To Save Project Setup Time

If you frequently post similar types of projects, you can Create Project Templates to save time on the initial setup of future projects. Project Templates are without any distinctive project content, such as dates, assigned reviewers, submissions or reporting. 

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Extracting Data From Old Platform (Procureware)

The Procureware platform will be phased out Fall of 2024. Agencies must extract desired data before that time. The following guide walks you through the process.

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Awarding Single & Multi-Contract Projects in PennBid

This step-by-step guide provides instruction on how to award your project to one or more vendors/bidders for single and multi-contract projects.

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Project Setup Guide (Single Contract Project)

This document provides Users with step-by-step comprehensive instructions on creating a new Single Contract project.

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Project Setup Review Guide For New Bonfire Solicitations

This document provides Users with step-by-step instructions on reviewing your new project set up in the Bonfire-powered system.

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How To Issue Addenda Via The Public Notices Tab

During your project solicitation, you may need to issue an addenda for vendors/bidders. This guide walks you through the addenda process.

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Unsealing And Displaying Submitted Bid Results

Once your bid has closed, this step-by-step guide walks you through the bid unsealing “Releasing” and how to review and display the results.

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Vendor Discussions And Posting Public Notice

Step-by-step instructions on responding to Vendor Questions through Messages and creating a Public Notice response to questions asked.

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Revisions To EJCDC Document C-200 Instructions To Bidders

This document is intended to facilitate revisions to the “Instructions to Bidders,” EJCDC Document C200, 2018 Edition.

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Revisions To AIA Document A701-2018 Instructions To Bidders

This document is intended to facilitate revisions to the “Instructions to Bidders,” AIA Document A701- 2018 Edition.

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Instructions To Bidders – PennBid Supplement

This document facilitates the inclusion of “Instructions to Bidders,” within the bidding documents for those agencies not using industry-standard documents.

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Sample of Public Advertisement (Invitation to Bid)

This sample of public advertisement can be used as a template when creating your project’s advertisement or invitation to bid. Use this template to abbreviate your ad content for cost savings.

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DBE Notification & Final Reporting Service

When requested, the PennBid Program completes required DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprises) notifications for many engineering firms and public agencies and provides a final report that can be sent to the funding agency.

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