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The PennBid Program

Online Bid Management Made Easy Electronic bid management, e-procurement, online bidding, and e-purchasing. By now, you’ve likely heard one or more of these terms. Often used interchangeably, they refer to the process of conducting competitive bidding electronically, via the internet,…

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The Power of E-Procurement

A Guide to Saving Time and Money with Every Purchase. Townships that are still using manual procurement methods for all their purchasing may want to step out on a limb and try e-procurement. This electronic way of managing bids and…

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1,001 Steps to Pain-Free Procurement

Procurement. Purchasing. Competitive Sealed Bidding. RFP’s, RFIs & RFQ’s. Public Solicitations. Quotes. Single or multi-prime contracts. Chances are, you’re familiar with these terms, and your reaction to them begins with a slight tingling at the base of your skull that slowly grows into…

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